Does the interest rate from money on your current or savings account seem low? Do you have an exceptionally high sum of money to hand and don’t want it to lose value? Are you wondering how gain further income for your later years because the state pension isn’t enough? Then invest. The considered depositing of finances into investment instruments will, on the one hand, preserve, and on the other, increase the value of your money.

Who can invest?

  • Anyone who has freely-available financial means.
  • Anyone who wants a higher return on their finances than that offered by interest on their bank account.
  • Those who wish to create financial reserves for a future financial goal or for their old-age.

What can I invest in?

  • Securities – you can invest individually in shares, obligations, share deeds, cheques, bills of exchange, certificates etc. A prerequisite for this is knowledge of the securities market. It is also possible to invest in the purchase of real-estate, antiques and other valuable items with the aim of trading in the same and gaining interest, dividends or a profit.
  • Shares funds – have a share in a collective investment. The fund purchases, for example, shares or debentures and you can contribute your own share to this fund. The advantage of this is that funds are administered by teams of professionals.
  • Insurance combined with investment products – e.g. investment in life insurance and additional old-age insurance. Insurance combines insurance cover with the increased valuing of financial means.