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We are here to streamline your way to a Czech mortgage loan. What you get through Broker Finance?


  • We will identify the most suitable lender for you
  • We will save your time. We take care of  paperwork
  • You will avoid all hassle and troubles
  • You will save your money – through Broker Finance you will get discount on mortgage fees and interest rates



We arrange for you:

Certified mortgages

Self-certified mortgages

Equity loans

Bridging loans

Non-collateral loans

Personal loans

Real estate development financing

Buy-to-let mortgages





Certified mortgages – typical and most common mortgage product where the bank bases its credit decision on your regular disposable income. The lowest interest rate and the highest LTV[1] can be achieved here.


Self-certified mortgages – special mortgage product where the bank base its credit decision on the property value alone without reviewing your income. You can expect a lower LTV and a higher rate here.


Equity loans - a loan which is granted against the property value that you own and the bank money can go directly to your pocket. The bank is not interested what you are about to spend it for. However, you need to declare your income here.


Bridging loans – a special loan facility designed for the new-development or cooperative units. You can use this loan to overcome a time period until the unit can be pledged for a standard mortgage. Among property investors this facility is often called a “cashless purchase”.


Non-collateral loans – loan unsecured by a property value. It is granted against a creditworthiness of a client and a guarantee of a third person. The loan amount is limited here and the money has to be invested in a property.


Personal loanstypically unsecured loans with or without a guarantor, for a specific purpose or non-purpose, usually limited loan amounts in CZK hundred thousands.


Real estate finance


Real estate development financing – arranging and structuring construction loan for a developer or a property investor.


Buy-to-let mortgages – mortgage where the bank base its credit decision upon (i) property rental income (ii) property value. The rental income has to cover the mortgage repayments and the bank is not interested in personal income of the investor.




[1] Loan to value