Optimization from Broker Finance

Have you been paying for various kinds of insurance and savings or investing for an extended period of time? We suggest evaluating whether your current payments correspond to future yields from this outlay. Find out if there isn’t a better or more advantageous way of doing things with the same payments, or if you can even reduce payments. By optimising your financial portfolio , we will free you of needless expense incurred every month in relation to a bad choice of financial products.

Our Optimisation of Finances tool allows you to find the best options and combinations for utilising financial products in accordance with your needs and requirements. Optimisation is realised in two steps:

1. Evaluation of existing contracts and finding of reserves

  • After a certain period of time, a number of contracts for insurance, saving or various combinations of financial products, into which you invest no small amount of money, can pile up at home. For this reason, it is good to consider from time to time whether it wouldn’t be better to make some changes for the better in order to increase the productivity of your finances.
  • Don’t burden the family budget with old and inefficient financial products. In the experience of our financial consultants, 98% of customers are in existing contracts with reserve combinations, which they are able to find following independent analysis of existing financial contracts.

2. Proposal and realisation of changes

  • The finding of reserves is followed by the proposal of options for increasing the yield of your finances this means knowing which products to keep, which to cancel and which to adjust. You can decide whether your current level of investment suits you or whether to change it.
  • We know that it is ever more difficult to orientate yourself properly in the massive number of options offered by financial institutions. For this reason, we will advise you on the realisation of any changes necessary. We keep our information constantly up-to-date and can offer you an independent comparison of the advantages of financial products offered by all banks, insurance companies and savings banks.

Our clients are legal entities and physical persons, with the shared basis of our system in being, in both cases, finding the needs of our clients and, subsequently, proposing a solution. Thanks to our independence and the independence of our assets from financial institutions, we can stand fully on the side of the customer and are prepared to compile a number of proposed solutions for the fulfilment of client goals entirely free of charge.